About Me

My name is Lara Armitage and I live with my husband, Andrew, and our children, Lucius and Sylvie, in the Scottish Borders. Originally from the Boston area, I've always towed a creative line in some fashion - from theatrical costume & set piece construction to silk screening, glass-blowing to furniture making.


Nowadays, I always have paper near to hand and my workshop hosts overflowing bowls of cranes awaiting flight, files of paper yearning to be rediscovered and objects in need of new lives. I also have a lot of cats, as we breed Ragdolls, and my craft provides a lovely way to sit and bond with all the animals and entertain the many kittens.

I was fortunate enough to be able to design costumes and set pieces for a production entitled One Thousand Paper Cranes, which ran at the Tron Theatre (Glasgow) in September 2009 and the Eastwood Park Theatre (Edinburgh) in May 2010. A second run, produced by Catherine Wheels theatre company in Musselburgh, prompted the Scottish Arts Club and to present the show with their inaugural award for Best Scottish Contribution for Drama on the Fringe in 2011.


I don't know if such a specific job spec will ever come my way again but I enjoyed it enough to last a lifetime! In the meantime, I continue to craft away...